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Christmas Greetings!~

Although technically speaking, Singapore is out of the economic recession, however there are still people living in hardships, seeking employment hoping to bring food home, etc etc.

These are changing and challenging times for quite a number of us. Indeed, Life is difficult and we all have our own setbacks and problems. Me too.

Hang on there.  Remember: Optimists hope for more but are not deterred by less. You can’t control the cards you are dealt with life, but you are able to play even a poor hand well. You cannot control what happens in life but you can control your own responses to them.

The Sun will raise again!

Well, it boils down to the choice we take pertaining the attitudes we bring to each and every new day and the kind of actions we make.

Dispel negative thoughts. Be positive. You are much tougher than what you think you are. Love yourself the way as how you love others. Share your innermost thoughts or fears with loved ones you trust.

Although I am a taoist not a christian, I share the same christmas wish as that of a ST Forum Page writer: “No man, woman or child should be deprived of food on the dining table and a bed to sleep on in Singapore.”


心连心 主唱:陈毓芸

让我们心连心 凝聚在一起
每份情谊 每个梦境 有我也有你
偶尔天昏路漫长 总会有曙光
别彷徨别放弃 明天更美丽

心连心去追求梦想 一份热一份光芒
指引前进的方向 是心中的希望
心连心去追求梦想 没什么过于艰难
点亮奇迹的力量 是万丈热情

也曾风 也曾雨 也曾路过崎岖
也总是雨过天晴 挺胸再继续
即使前方波涛汹涌 也别心灰意冷
信心让你我坚强 未来更灿烂