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  1. The talk about Scholars, University graduates and non-graduates (Pt 1)

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    September 14, 2014 by alansoh79

    In the past few weeks, there has been much discussion ongoing online and offline among Singaporeans pertaining the recommendation report …
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  2. My thoughts on the “Great PSLE Debate”


    November 22, 2012 by alansoh79

    Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) 2012 results will be released today. Yesterday, the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced …
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  3. Singaporean parents making a molehill of a trival matter?

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    August 27, 2012 by alansoh79

    For those of us of whom have been following the news recently, you would have noticed the $60 haircut saga …
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这或许可能是我千年前的样子吧。哈哈。#fun #chinese #singaporean This is how long I have been on Twitter, as of today Thursday 20 Apr 2017. You can find out yours at twiage.com. =) #twitter #singaporean Purple light. #esplanade #ilightmarinabay2017 #singapore #asia #march2017 #lgclass

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