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Bye bye 2018, Hello 2019!

Best Nine 2018

I am happy that I was able to achieve what I had aimed for in 2017, in terms of academic course. Went for it, stuck to it with faith, self-discipline and a positive attitude. Fortunately, I was able to juggle it with other commitments. Graduated successfully in June. To me, it was a big step forward. Of course, there is still room for greater improvement in the coming year. Thank you, SkillsFuture SG.

Service awards gained taught me lessons of integrity, diligence and commitment to the responsibilities in which you are entrusted with. I am humbled by these recognitions.

Relationships are important. Nobody can be an isolated island. Having said that, I am also aware that people change over time. Feelings/personality change. People come and go. Some may drift away slowly from me. As much as I cherish relationships, I also have to let some folks go. Well, this is life. It may be painful. I have to respect their choices. I make it a point to catch up with random people over an occasional meal or tea. I am quite a sentimental person, so that explains why I like old vintage stuff.

Being a communications graduate, I also hope to do my part in increasing public awareness of social campaigns which I believe is important. As a fellow Singaporean. For example: the SOS campaign for Suicide Prevention Week 2018. Will continue to do so this year.

Show Luo Zhixiang make it to my Best Nine list in IG? Thanks to popular China chinese drama serial “The Story of Yanxi Palace”. Did anyone watch the drama serial last year? lol.

Moving forward, I do have new plans which I hope I can execute in 2019, in which I will share over the next few months. Quick updates will be up on my Instagram as well.

I hope to travel abit this year, for I believe travelling expands my horizons. And learning more things about others and myself.

I wish everyone of you a happy smooth 2019 – success and good health! Spend more time with your loved ones! 🙂


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I am grateful for several things but I am not making this at this FB page – Gratitude at SG, to avoid any possible misunderstandings. 

Firstly, I am grateful that I am able-bodied. I can move around on my own without my parents.

Secondly, I am grateful that I am not born deaf and mute. I can speak and listen normally except for the fact that my hearing ability is “weak”. So I am still capable of doing many things.

Thirdly, I am grateful that I receive normal school education. Having a diploma in my hands, I can still go on to further pursue university education, if I want to. One day.

Lastly, I am grateful that I am hearing-impaired. Because it gives me an opportunity to be a more kinder, gentle, thoughtful, patient, caring, and non-judgemental person. And it forces me to voice out my inner thoughts more, as I have been a quiet person for too long. Because if I do not voice out, people will not know the kind of help I may need.

Having gone through the challenges, trials and tribulations, it makes me understand the sufferings this group of people are going through. And those similar challenges other groups of special needs people are facing.