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An Evening with Bryan Wong: In Search of Happiness

I went to attend the above talk hosted by MediaCorp artiste, Bryan Wong at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) last night.

If you read news often, you will know that Singapore scores low on the Happines Index while more laid-back countries like Bhutan fares much better.  Why is this so? Should we return to basics to lead a fulfilling life?

              Bryan Wong's Talk
Bryan’s talk was certainly enlightening, especially the part about “This is a cynical world, be kind to yourself.”

Often, I always feel that I am happy and my self-confidence grows only if people praises me, and if I did not do anything wrong..etc etc. When some people for example: my boss gave me harsh remarks for the mistakes I’ve done….yes, I will do some self-reflections but after that I would still can’t help self-reproaching for those mistakes I’ve made.

Then in a way or another, it affects my self-esteem, and evoke feelings of unhappiness.

In fast-paced Singapore, there is some kind of a culture that people can be quite unforgiving towards failures or mistakes made. I may be wrong but it seems to be true.

Bryan said people can make remarks and pass judgements on us, however at the end of the day, we are the ones only accountable to ourselves. Who are these people to conclude that “I am really lousy, I am really no good”..blah blah blah?

Let’s be kind to ourselves.

Anyway, that is how we gain experiences. As we grow up, we do our best to make progress in our personal development, looking ahead and ensure that we become better, compared to who we are in yesteryears.

About 5 years ago, while I was in my diploma studies in Mass Communications, someone ..ehhh..perhaps a secret admirer dropped me a note in my pencil case. She said despite the fact that I am hearing-challenged, but because of the smile I have always on my face, she is happy whenever she sees me in class every morning.

That surprise little note warms my heart because I never expect that my physical presence alone can make someone happy. Haha. Because sometimes when I am down, very often I always think that it makes little difference whether or not I exist in this world.

It’s like I will think that nobody will care about me. By nature, I am a quiet reserved person.

Since completion of National Service in 2002, I’ve always made it a habit to associate myself with successful positive happy people. Because they emit positive energies. Bryan is one of them. In fact, one of my role models. =D

I can see the change in Bryan as he matures. He taught me some things last night. I look up upon him as an elder brother.

I somehow do wish I can be someone like him..years from now, sharing my life experiences and motivating people around me.

I am thankful that I am still able-bodied even though I am hearing-challenged. I still can walk, jump, swim etc etc. Hehe.

I choose to see what I have, rather than what I don’t have.

I just turned 30 in June. I know I will become better. Just like how a small ugly caterpillar slowly transform into a beautiful butterfly.

Most importantly, I tell myself  no matter what happens, I will always be happy and stay positive. I will drill this same thing into the brains of my future kids. LOL.

It is a personal choice. It is entirely up to you to choose whether you want to be positive or negative. As simple as that. 🙂