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Chinese New Year 2018

Today (2 March) is the 15th day and final day of the Chinese New Year (CNY) — Yuan Xiao Festival.

How was your Chinese New Year holidays?

My recent instagram posts provide some insights on how I spent mine. Check it out at my IG profile @ humourboi.

For the uninitiated, Yuan Xiao Festival is also known as The Lantern Festival, marking the end of the CNY celebrations. It is called Chap Goh Mei (literally 15th evening of the 1st Lunar Month) in Singapore. For the lovebirds, this is also the chinese version of Valentine’s Day!

Note: Please do not confuse it with the Mid-Autumn Festival which falls in the 8th Lunar Month which is also popularly known as Lantern Festival.

I am now at the final lap of my current course. I hope everything goes well.

I wish you happiness, good health, prosperity and great success in the Year of the Dog. Let’s work hard for ourselves! Have an awesome Woof Woof year! 🙂

Here’s my clip of the fireworks display taken at the recent River Hongbao event. Enjoy!


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$10million Hongbao TOTO Lottery Draw 2012

Hope you have had great Chinese New Year celebrations in the past couple weeks, catching up with your friends, relatives and family members. 🙂

As expected, a long beeline of uncles and aunties is seen waiting to place their bets at this ‘hot’ Singapore Pools outlet in a 7-11 convenience store near my place this morning. It is said to be a ‘breeding ground for 4D/TOTO winners’.

What else but for the $10million Hongbao TOTO draw tonight. It is the 12th day of Chinese New Year. Everybody wants to buy some hope to “huat” this Chinese New Year.

Are you one of them? 😀


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New beginnings

It’s a brand new year, so everything has to be fresh and new.

Since last September, my neighbourhood district has been undergoing essential home upgrading works which are implemented by the Housing Development Board (HDB). The upgrading project is expected to be completed by the 3rd quarter of this year.

I understand that the new lift which stops at every floor at my block, is currently undergoing some testing period. I hope that it will be ready to be functionable in one week’s time. Because it is Chinese New Year!!!!!

Talking about creating convenience for people making CNY visits eh? 😉

Latest (29 Jan 2011): The lift is operational from Thursday 28 Jan. That’s great!

Recently, I went visiting Chinatown after collecting some pay cheques, trying to immense myself in some festive mood. I went there during afternoon. Although it was day time, you could feel some CNY mood lingering in the air, especially hearing some Chinese New Year songs.

Foreign tourists are seen capturing snapshots of our chinese heritage area, as local tour guides explained why many Singaporeans love to flock to Chinatown to do Chinese New Year shopping.

On the other hand, it was also a coincidence that I saw groups of primary school children clad in different school uniforms, visiting Chinatown with their teachers and assigned tour guides. They seems to be on some social studies excursion trips.

The festive atmosphere at Chinatown is definitely more intense at night, so I plan to go there during evening time. 🙂

Vehicles are still permitted to throng through certain roads where there are Chinese New Year goodie stalls till 6pm daily.

Temple Street, Sago Street, and Smith Street will be closed from 2 January to 25 January, as CNY goodie stall bazaar is set up there.  This closure will take place from 6pm to 11pm from Mondays to Fridays, and from 6pm to midnight on weekends and on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Therefore if you plan to go there during day time, please remember to keep an alert look-out for any incoming cars, trucks or motorbikes for your own safety.

The Buddha Relic Temple. I always make it a habit to go there pay respects to Buddha wherever I “pass by” Chinatown, even though I am a taoist. What do I do there? Saying prayers for myself, family, friends, people around me.


I don’t know how would my love luck fare this year. Been single all these years. Well, I may take the proactive step to know more female friends but I would still adopt the attitude of “letting nature take its own course”.



I went there last week. See? A long queue! As seen in previous years, Singaporeans will start to queue to buy Bak Kwa (barbercued pork) at such shops as early as 3 weeks before Chinese New Year.

One more week before Chinese New Year. I shall start cleaning up my room and do some CNY shopping soon!

Latest (29 Jan 2011): Bought 2 CNY tees from Giordano @ OG Departmental Store (Chinatown MRT Station) the night before.

I love the designs and the colours used. Very oriental flavour.

This is enough for me. I can match with my other outfits in my wardrobe such as my jeans, and white sneakers. 😉

新年到了!今年来一个不一样的!两首歌的结合 — 分别是经典的新年歌”春风吻上我的脸” 和 方大同的 “春风吹”,用了无伴奏合唱(A Cappella)的方式加上R&B的曲风诠释这首歌。


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Chinese New Year 农历新年 – Part 1 (生肖与个性)




这是按照你的出生时辰来推算的 - 凌晨0点到早上8点,早上8点到下午4点,和下午4点到午夜12点。



雕 Eagle











雕是大型鷹类,属雕的人有大气魄、大格局,沉著、冷静、凶猛、有远見, 判断力佳、执行力好,有策略,而且能适应环境,属于大器晚成型的人。




☆正面 (Positive Character Traits)


1. 高瞻远矚、宏观大志 (是吗?)

2. 待时而发、靜而后动,常一鸣惊人 (好象蛮对!)

3. 顾家、爱护下一代及部属 (可以这么说!)

4. 保护性強、防卸性高、警觉性好

5. 勇敢、进取 (可以这么说!)

6. 大方(我对朋友比较义气一点。)

7. 迅速、确实(可以这么说!)

8. 踏实、诚信(好象蛮对!)

9. 有信心、毅力

10. 有理想、有抱负(可以这么说!)

☆反面 (Negative Character Traits)


1. 不合群、孤僻 (我不孤僻,只是比较文静一点!)

2. 党私 (不是!)

3. 偏见(不是!)

4. 倔強、霸道、专制(我绝对不会!但是我觉得有时侯,按情况而定,我是应该适度表现出我的霸气。不可以太软,给人家欺负!)

5. 佔有欲强 (我不觉得。。。等以后结了婚就知道,哈哈!)

6. 喜欢掌控別人或一切有关的事务 (认识我的人都知道我从来不会强制性地掌控別人!)

7. 外交力差 (是吗?)


8. 自大、自负(认识我的人都知道我不是这种人!)


9. 苛求、严格(我不觉得。)

10. 凶暴、易怒 (认识我的人都知道我不凶暴!我比较会忍脾气。)

想知道更多,可以点击到台湾著名风水命理师 -林正义老师的博客URL ->


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City Alive 2010

City Alive! 2010 Singapore’s Biggest and Funkiest Street Dance party returns for the 3rd year!

Happening on 20 February 2010, at the F1 Formula Race Pit Building (beside Singapore Flyer) from 10.15pm to 4.00am, party aficionados can expect a night of adrenaline-pumping fun and be entertained by the exhilarating music and dance acts. 

The street party will commence right after the grand finale of Chingay Parade 2010, which is considered part of Chinese New Year Celebrations in Singapore. Tracks in front of Pit Building will then transformed into a mega dance floor stretching 360 metres. 

City Alive! 2010 promises to be bigger and more exciting with the party venue now at the tracks in front of the Pit Building.  With Space Cowboy (United Kingdom) making his debut appearance in Singapore at the City Alive! 2010, along with other international acts like DJ Sarasa (Japan) and All Area Crew (Japan), it will be a real treat for the party-revellers as you party the night away.

Joining these world-class acts are Singapore’s very own DJ Andrew T, DJ Inquisitive and Singapore top B-boys, Radikal Forze to bring the party anthem to the heart of the city.

Come and get your tickets now and party together with these renowned international and local DJs, catching their incredible spinning skills and of course tons of yummy food and drinks are available, all at City Alive 2010!

The tickets are priced at $15 (PAssion Card members), $20 (Non-PAssion Card members) and $28 (at the Door), inclusive of one drink. 

 I will be there!!

Advance ticket sales are now available at all SISTIC authorised agents, beginning from Friday 18 December 2009 onwards. 

Please be informed that minimum age of entry to the party is 18 years old.

[Latest! – Sunday, 21 February 2010]

I was there as a service crew. Being part of a 10-guy Hippo Bus Team, which was under Security Team. We were told to report at 6.30pm for early attendance-marking, collection of event tee and lanyard pass, dinner as well as a one last final pre-event briefing. We were to be at City Alive! site till 4am.

There were 3 air-conditioned Hippo Tour buses of 3 different colours catered for 3 different groups of people, namely the Celebrity DJs (Purple), Media (Green) and VIPs (White).

I was with the green bus. Yup, that was meant for the media (photojournalists/videographers etc). The bus-top is open-air style.

As a member of the Hippo Bus Team, I was to be on the alert lookout to ensure that no non-authorised personnel gain access into the bus, except for VIPs/DJs/Media/Officials who will be wearing their lanyard passes at all times.

Chingay Parade ended at about 9.45pm. One hour is needed to disperse the Chingay spectators, to erect barricades as well as to do some cleaning so as to transform the entire place into a mega-scale dancefloor.

It was great seeing many YEC counterparts and other friends coming down to celebrate the 7th day of Chinese New Year @ City Alive! 2010. People such as Ziyao, Eric, Minghui, Iskandar, Ismawati, Ken, Foong Kheong, Sear Hong, Apple, Edgar and many others.

The event was successfully held. All volunteers were hauled up for a final debrief at about 4.15am before dismissal at about 4.45am. Everyone was entitled to his or her $25 allowance claim on the spot.

If you were observant enough, you will notice that I used new media* for the first time, to provide ‘live’ updates of what I’ve went through at City Alive! 2010 site @ F1 Formula Race Pit Building, through Twitter of which I have had linked to my 2 blogs, Friendster, MSN Live, LinkedIn and Facebook.

How did I do that?

Answer: by using the Ubertwitter application on my blackberry phone. 😉

*New Mediaa term used to refer to tools that encompass the emergence of digital, computerized or networked information and communication technologies in the 21st Century.

New Media tools such as Facebook/Flickr/Twitter/Youtube/Wordpress have characteristics of being manipulatable, networkable, dense, compressible and impartial.

Thanks to advanced mobile technology and smartphones such as Blackberry and Iphone, people are now able to tap on new media tools on the constant move as and where they are today. Thus, information is disseminated or shared almost instantly.