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Changi Airport

As mentioned previously, I am doing my APEC ambassador duties at Changi Airport  this week. (Latest deployment: Luggage bag belt area 31 – 34, Changi T2 arrival hall)

Just received the below news.

Again, I will be stationed at Changi Airport. Sigh.

Anyway, it’s okay. Never mind. Who knows, perhaps by the end of my 3-day APEC duty @ Changi Airport, I would be very much familiar with airport operations already, ready to do my job well next year.

Think positive right? 😉


Dear Alan,

Thank you for your interest to volunteer for Singapore 2010 Youth
Olympics Games

We are pleased to offer you the above Singapore 2010 Volunteer position.
The details of the position are as follows:

Position Title: Airport Operations Officer
Place of Duty: Singapore Changi International Airport

1. To provide clients with directions, information and help around the
airport during their arrival and departure at airport.
2. Usher
  – Guide clients to the next station in the arrival or departure process.
  – Act upon any queries by the clients in a prompt and friendly manner.
3. Baggage Support
  – To provide support at the baggage belt area.
  – Ensure there are enough baggage trolleys for our games clients.
  – Assist clients with their baggage when necessary.
4. Luggage Party
  – To assist in loading and loading of clients baggage at coach bay and
  departure hall.

Details of 1st Briefing & Training:
Dates    : 26 Nov 2009
Time     : 7pm to 9pm
Venue  : Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee – S2010

Should you wish to accept the position, please take note of the following
required training for the chosen position:
1) Volunteer Briefing (inclusive of Training) Date/Time:  26 Nov 2009 7pm –
2) Volunteer Deployment Schedule: 5 Dec  – 7 Dec and 12 Dec – 15 Dec
3) Volunteer Deployment Schedule 14 Aug – 26 Aug 2010 (Youth Olympic Games)

  Uniform, meals, and transportation provision during the course of duty
  Accident and public liability insurance coverage while performing duty
  Attend all briefing and training required for the position (as indicated

Please confirm that you accept this appointment on the terms stated by 10
November 2009
and you will be able to commence your Singapore 2010 Volunteer duties on the above days.


Please be reminded about the Venue Orientation at Changi Airport this Friday 4 December 2009.

During this session, we would show you what are the specific tasks and the
locations in the entire arrival and departure process. We strongly urge you
to come to the venue orientation session as it gives you a better
picture of the operations.

1. Meeting Time: You have either signed up for the *3pm – 5pm slot OR *7pm- 9pm slot.

2. Things to bring: NRICs for Singaporean, Work Permit/Student Pass and
Passport for foreigners.

3. Attire: Please ensure you wear comfortably especially shoes as we will
be walking for quite a bit.

Should you have any queries, please do not hestitate to contact us. If not,
we’ll see you on Friday!