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Happy Chinese New Year!

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Today is the 12th day of Chinese New Year 2015. Hopefully you all Chinese readers have had your loads of fun catching up with your loved ones, and merry drinking + feasting. And of course, lots of angpow money!! 😀

Yeah, angpow money are a gesture of blessing from my elders, so I receive them with gratitude. I had my own fair share of fun. Shared some photos on my Instagram profile account.

It was a good long CNY weekend in Singapore this year. Majority of Singaporeans go back to school or work the following Monday (the 5th day of CNY).

“Meh” the Huat be with you this Goat year! ^_^

Note: Chinese New Year celebrations last 15 days. The last day of CNY is called Yuan Xiao Festival, which is also the chinese version of “Valentine’s Day”.
Again, I spent Valentine’s Day alone on 14 February 2015. lol.


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