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Random thoughts – Online Criticism

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online criticismAbout the online vitriol among Singapore netizens today, it seems to me that since 2011, it is getting harsher, more insensitive and impolite. There are keyboard warriors who passed judgements quickly without reading the relevant news articles. Worst, some express their anger by hurling vulgarities or eager to impose their political or religious beliefs on others. Not forgetting there are also people who “STOMP” from time to time.

Yes, I know this happens everywhere, in other countries as well.
As I scrolled through the online comments these days, I often thought: “My goodness, why have Singaporeans become like this???”

It is human nature to judge people around us. Perfectly understandable. But I tell myself do NOT do that because who am I to judge a total stranger when I do not know the entire story? So, why not I give the other party the benefit of doubt? Talk to the person whenever possible, otherwise if I don’t know anything, I should just keep quiet. Therefore I usually refrain from commenting on news stories.

On the other hand, despite me being the self-conscious type, I know I also can’t stop people from judging me. Fine. I just need to know that I should always be my best self at all times. Because since young, I am taught this simple rule – my whatever behaviour displayed outdoors (including online manners) reflects the kind of upbringing I receive at home.



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