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Our PAYM NDP Contingent warriors

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PA Youth Movement (PAYM) Central Youth Council did a blog post on us.
Yeah! Kudos to everyone who is involved! =)


NDP hero group

Our PAYM NDP Contingent warriors whom gave up every of their Saturday starting from May 2014 have dedicated their time to the tough trainings conducted by Army personnel to celebrates Singapore’s 49th birthday. Thank you people for your hard work and GOOD JOB!

How do Our Contingent warriors feel being part of the PAYM NDP contingent?

NDP hero 1Goh JiaHao, PAYM Contingent Leader
Central Youth Council
Clementi CC YEC (Southwest)

“It’s an honour to be able to be given the opportunity to lead this PAYM contingent, made up of youths from our YECs all over Singapore. This is one of the most diverse and enthusiastic group of youths that I have worked with as of yet, and thus I learnt a lot from everyone in the contingent. The journey was challenging yet fulfilling, but the most heartening part is to be representing PAYM on the floating platform to celebrate our nation’s 49th birthday…

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