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My Health Check

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Body Health Analysis


Suggested by my friend who is a health & wellness coach Bryan Wong, I did a body health analysis on 3 July 2014. While doing some little catch-up, I am happy to learn my body health is presently at its optimal performance. Of course, there is certainly room for further improvement.

I was told by Bryan that although exercise is vital, what I have for daily food consumption is even more important.

My BMI: 18.6. Overall body fat percentage: 11.4%. VFA: 3%.

Having stepped into 3 something in physical age, I am even more surprised to learn that my current metabolic body age is only 19 years old! o_O

I have been taking good care of myself. I didn’t forget what my NS superiors told me some 13 years ago: “Despite having no IPPT liability, please take good care of your own body. Health is wealth. With good health, you will not fall sick easily, and you can pursue whatever dreams you want!”

We men must know how to take care of our own health. 🙂






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