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Random National Day Questions

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1. What is your favourite National Day Song?
Answer: “Home”.

2. What makes you Uniquely Singaporean?
Answer: I use singlish terms such as lah/leh/lor/hor/wor/sibei/wah lau when I chat informally with people at social events. I sometimes also do use tissue paper packets to reserve hawker centre seats. Under the influence of another Singaporean friend, I now learnt to compare prices of same product (especially IT products) at different stores before making a final purchase decision. Hahahaha….

3. What is your favourite icon of Singapore?
Answer: I don’t have a favourite one. Maybe Singa the Lion (Singapore Courtesy Campaign mascot)?

4. What does Singapore mean to you?
Answer: Home. The place where I am born and raised. Where I served my National Service, strengthening my blood ties to this nation. A homeland free of natural or man-made disasters which I am truly grateful for.

5. What is your dream for Singapore?
Answer: A City of inclusive Possibilities & Talents, where success can be defined in many ways, not just solely academic success. Creative minds can be nurtured. Equal chances of social mobility are given to all born-bred Singaporeans, regardless of race/language/religion/educational or family background/gender/disability and sexual orientation, as long as one strives to improve himself/herself. Singaporeans becoming more civic-minded, polite, considerate and compassionate towards helping fellow needy citizens.


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