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Bye-bye 2013, Hello 2014!

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It has been a great 2013 for me, especially knowing new people from the social entrepreneur sector. These folks emit great positive energy.

I look forward to accomplishing more things in 2014 with perseverance and self-faith. And also hope to spend abit more time to write my blog entries, to share my experiences with people out there.

Wishing everyone happiness, great health and success in whatever you aspire to do in the upcoming year. Most importantly, keep dreaming!!! 🙂

Happy New Year, dear readers. 🙂



也许你觉得今年各方面努力不够多, 还是觉得陪伴家人、朋友的时间不够长, 或是做错了什么事情, 想好好弥铺。

可惜的是, 时间就犹如流沙, 你想抓住它, 但它还是会从你指缝中溜走的。。

遗憾归遗憾, 我们大家还是得向前看, 向前走。趁2013年最后几小时, 反省之余,再想想如何过一个充实快乐的2014年吧!:)




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