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Bye-bye iPhone

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4.00am Singapore time.

I couldn’t sleep. Sigh.

My 16GB black iPhone 4 is lost. It happened some 7 hours ago. My carelessness. Arghh. 😦

I had just finished attending a monthly meeting at a community club. I could have had unknowingly dropped it from my hand at the carpark when a friend offered to drive me home. Due to fact that it was night time, the carpark was quite dimly lit.  I was also carrying an organiser book in my hand as well.

Within 40 minutes of discovery of lost phone, I rushed back to the community club office to search for it. With the assistance of a staff member, a phonecall has been made immediately to my mobile telco provider,  M1 to suspend the line temporarily for 24 hours, voiding the lost sim card before I obtain a replacement sim card later today.

I shall be using another new smartphone – Sony Xperia L, which I have at home.

I am about to change the mobile phone this coming weekend when the unfortunate incident happened last night unexpectedly. Argh.

I went online almost immediately on an available laptop to use iCloud to “Find my Iphone” yet to my dismay, it is offline. My iPhone was switched on when it lost. I can’t locate it, so I turned on the Lost Mode. I hope the activation lock is also switched on my lost iphone.

To avoid unnecessary trouble, I might decide to “erase iphone” to wipe the internal data contents completely. Nevertheless, I still provided my mobile contact number in the message to be shown on the lost phone.

Finally I did the last thing – made a police report at a 24-hour Neighbourhood Police Centre, providing the lost iphone imei number.

I am glad that I’ve backed-up my contacts, photos and confidential passwords. Hence I do not need to ask my friends and loved ones for their mobile number again. At the very least, I can get abit of “peaceful mind”.

It was bought at an M1 authorised retailer at NorthPoint Shopping Centre some 2 years ago.

I hope to recover my lost iPhone but I am also mentally prepared that it is likely gone for good forever. Bye bye iPhone!

Editor’s Note: Can you believe it? I got my lost iphone back in January 2014. Someone picked it up. And kept it until early January when she contacted me via SMS. It’s a miracle. Unbelievable. 

Thank you, Ms Wendy Ng! 🙂


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