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Fragility of Life

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I was watching a 20-episode chinese drama serial titled “Gonna Make It!” 《小小传奇》on Xinmsn website. It is also currently showing on free-to-air MediaCorp Channel 8.  It is showing the last episode tonight.

It is about a young girl named Su Xiao Xiao, of whom has been released from jail. She came from a poor dysfunctional family background and was led astray.
Xiao Xiao wanted to start afresh, to pursue her lifelong dream of being a hairstylist. She encountered many obstacles but she didn’t give up. Celebrity hairstylist Liu A-man (of Star Salon) saw the deep passion and potential she has for hairstyling, and decided to provide mentorship to her. However he had weird temperament. He was a difficult teacher. But it did not deter Xiao Xiao from learning the hairstyling knowledge from him.

Meanwhile, she got to know a rich young man, Oscar who owns a hair salon business. Looking beyond her poor family background, Oscar liked her stuborrn and never-give-up attitude.  He entered into a love relationship with Xiao Xiao and kept encouraging her to learn the ropes of the hairstyling business. Oscar’s female companion, Wen Ya was a jealous and vicious rich lady. She has thought that Oscar will be her future husband. She tried all ways to break up the couple.

When it comes to the 17th episode, my tears started to drop when I saw how the cancer-stricken Liu A-man struggled to doll up his favourite actresss Bao’er at the annual television awards ceremony back-stage. His energy was sapping away every single moment. His hand was shaking. Xiao Xiao had to take over the styling task to let her mentor rest. Putting myself in the shoes of Xiao Xiao, it is definitely heart-wrenching to see someone whom you respected so much, to be in such a vulnerable state yet you are unable to anything to relieve his physical suffering.

It was a regrettable moment that A-man, on his deathbed didn’t get to see his ex-wife Monica for the very last time. The latter refused to see him. That tear which flowed from his closed eyelid when he had his final 2 gasps of breath.

It was an extremely emotional moment for Xiao Xiao who was at his deathbed in hospital. As well as TV viewers who saw the drama scene. Kudos to the actor Bryan Wong for playing this role so well.

It is always such occasions which make us realise how fragile life can be. Reminding us how important it is to appreciate the things people do and care for us during our limited time on earth. No matter rich or poor, healthy or sick. Achiever or non-achiever.

From the day we are born, we are destined to die one day. It is just a matter of time. Who goes first? You or me?

Liu A-man’s death has made me ponder about the day when I die.
I read in an online article that the sense of hearing is the last to go when a person dies.

Too bad, when I close up my eyes, I think I’m already gone totally. Even though with my hearing aids/cochlear implant device, I believe I won’t be able to hear anyone whispering into my ears.

Honestly speaking, I’m “scared” about the day if I ever slip into a long coma yet in a worst state with no hopes of recovery. I have to be mentally prepared if a loved one pulls the plug off the life support machine to let me die..

Anyway, to my loved ones, just remember to cremate my body with my hearing devices. Hopefully in my next life, I can be re-born as a happy boy with normal hearing..

In meantime, I shall be forward-looking and focus on things which I can do. 🙂

Editor’s Note: It is already Feb 2014, as I write this note. I have had attended 2 relatives’ funeral wakes so far since the year begun. One in January. The other in February. Funerals are sad sombre affairs. I dislike the feeling of saying a final goodbye to someone I know. 😦


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One thought on “Fragility of Life

  1. Ain’t you a happy boy now even with the hearing aid? Yes? No? Stay happy!

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