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September 21, 2013 by alansoh79

At the beginning of this month, I was surprised to receive this below email in my Outlook inbox one day.

My thoughts after reading the email?

Well, I somehow do not think that my blog deserves to be part of the project. I am not really a great blog writer. In addition, I might feel “pressurised” to pen a good blog entry after pledging my blog successfully and become part of the official blog contributors highlighted on the SMP website. Of course I am aware that visitors to the SMP website will also be directed to my official blog page if they click on my name shown.


Hi Alan,

On behalf of National Library Board (NLB), we would like to invite you to pledge your blog to the Singapore Memory Project (SMP).

We find that your entries about your views on various matters would be a great addition to the Singapore Memory Project.

We think your blog would offer a different perspective. Whether your posts are an account of your daily life or an expression of your thoughts, our project hopes to find a home for these memories so that it can help build a ground-up understanding of Singapore.

If you believe memories are worth preserving, simply pledge your blog here.

The SMP is a national initative started in 2011 to collect, preserve and provide access to stories, moments related to Singapore. For more information about this initiatve, you may wish to contact Mr Patrick Cher at xxxx or read the FAQ.
Should I give it a try? Let me give it a serious consideration. 😉
(P.S: I would probably give a update on my decision here. Stay tuned. LOL. )

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Thanks to my NTU student group, I had my first experience playing the escape room activity, together with able-hearing and deaf participants! A group photo with a deaf participant, Alfred Yeo (standing to my right). 😊 #ntu #clarkequaysg #singapore #sg #ycm #nycsg #youngchangemakers #youths #escaperoom #asian #lockdownsingapore #asia #singaporean #singaporeanlife #feb2017 #deafawareness #breakingthesoundbarriersg Was having a meal with a lady friend who prefers to be away from limelight. lol. Hello friend, wanna eat some? #feb2017 #yishun #chongpang #sg #singaporeanlife #fridaynight #sgfood #lgclass 漫天飞雪,和绚丽的烟花。Photo credit: Jiang Yulin. #flashback #chingay2013 #f1pitbuildingsingapore #sg #asia #singapore Ever tried Escape Room activities in Singapore? 
Come join in an afternoon of fun and excitement at Lockdown Singapore (Clarke Quay) this coming Saturday while learning more about working with and employing fellow deaf Singaporeans. Solve puzzles and escape the room as part of a team of able-hearing and deaf participants before the time is up, and bond later over snacks and drinks after your escape! Have fun and get to know some new friends! 
Oh, did I mention that it is a FREE event? There are limited seats, so RSVP now to avoid disappointment!

To RSVP, simply look for "Escape The Sound Barrier" event page in this Facebook Page ->, and click "going"! 😊 #breakingthesoundbarriersg #singapore #singaporean #yishun #tampines #toapayoh #bishan #jurong #telokblangah #sembawang #deafawareness #lockdownsingapore #ycm #ncysg #sg #igsg #sgig #ntu #nus #sim A group photo with Mr Nim Sivakumaran, Community Head of The Co (from left). Yeah, we are probably the ones who are troublemakers seeing things differently. Photo credit: Alfred Yeo. #feb2017 #singapore #sg #cityhall #breakingthesoundbarriersg #ycm #youngchangemakers #ntu #nycsg #deafawareness #asia #singaporean The session held by this group of NTU mentees tonight (Wed 22 Feb) was certainly enlightening. From guest speaker James (Singapore Association for the Deaf) communicating via his female malay interpreter, I understood that I am actually categorised as hard-of-hearing. lol.

Many thanks to the friendly Community Head of The Co, Mr Nim Sivakumaran who comes from UK (not in group photo with the team + some attendees), for providing this venue for the group to host the talk. "Breaking The Sound Barrier" aims to highlight how deaf Singaporeans communicate at workplaces, what deaf-friendly workplaces are like, and the grants which Singapore employers can tap on to hire the deaf. They are employable. They have abilities, just like anyone of us. =) #ycm #ncysg #youngchangemakers #abilities #sadeaf #singapore #sg #youths #ntu #deaf #singaporean #cityhall #deafawareness #feb2017

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