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The Great Hello Kitty Craze

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While the haze is still ongoing, there is another great thing happening among Singaporeans in Singapore.

People living in the Little Red Dot are madly in love (are they?) over a toy cat with no mouth.

Macdonalds started its 4th time promotion — selling a series of 6 Fairy Tales Hello Kitty toys on 30 May 2013. This marketing promotion coincides with the current June school holidays meant for primary and secondary school students.

Macdonalds did the very first Hello Kitty promotion in 1996.

For this current promotion, as long as a customer buys an Extra Value Meal set, he or she is entitled to purchase the soft toy at S$4.60 each. The maximum number of the toy sets each person can buy is 4.

Fairy Tales Hello Kitty

Since the beginning of the June school holidays, many youngsters are crazy over it. The haze which begun a week ago, did not deter many from going all out to get their hands on the soft toys.

Since the 1996 promotion, hundreds and thousands Singaporeans are crazy over the toy. 

Due to these Hello Kitty toys being limited edition ones, sad to say, quite a number of Singaporeans today have become profit-driven black market re-sellers.

These opportunist buyers purposely went buy many sets at the very first sale day of each toy, to re-sell them to other people at a higher price. They understood that if there is supply, there will be demand for it. They knew that there will be others who are genuine collectors, desperate enough to be willing to spend $$$$ to get their hands on these Hello Kitty toys. Thus these Singaporeans will re-sell the soft toys on various internet forums whatsoever.

Imagine this – A S$4.60 Hello Kitty selling at S$150 or more on the black market. Ridiculous.


Unbelievable, isn’t it?

They deny the genuine collectors the opportunity to buy the Hello Kitties.

Perhaps you the reader might say, well that is human nature. Yes, I do agree with that. We will see such kind of people wherever we go, wherever we are.

Singaporeans are very kiasu (scared to lose). If they know that the 24-hour Mcdonalds outlets are selling them at 12midnight, you will see them start queuing as early as 8pm or 9pm. For other outlets which sell them at 6am in the morning, you will then see Singaporeans willing to queue overnight for the toys, be it rain or haze.

In addition, these young Singaporeans will use their smartphones to call their friends, use their private cars/motorbikes to drive around to go check out “the whichever Macdonalds outlets which have the shortest queues” and get friends or family members to jump in the queue. =P

Within 1-2 hours of the sale (be it 12midnight or 6am), the Hello Kitties at the fast-food restaurants are sold out completely. So it was a “game of who start to queue the earliest” in order to buy the Hello Kitties.

hello kitty1

The above picture is taken at 3am yesterday. Of the Macdonalds outlet which is located just opposite my block of flats. To me, this is insanity.

Haha. I didn’t go queue for it because I am not drawn to this marketing promotion.

Crazy people, isn’t it?

And being unhappy over the issuing of queue number coupons and the number of Hello Kitty toys one buyer can get, you see some unreasonable ugly Singaporeans hurling abuse at the restaurant staff. Worse still, you will also see people buying the Mcdonalds set meals, only to throw the food away into the dustbins — just to get the toys! @@

My goodness. I am sad that there are fellow Singaporeans who are like that.

Furthermore, they are causing inconveniences to people like me who want to go there to have a just simple decent meal. Awwwwww….

Because of profits, McDonalds brought in the toys thus resulting in “ugly war among us”.  They said these are limited edition ones, zooming in at the kiasuism mentality among Singaporeans..

I understand people might hate me for saying this but I feel I must say this.

I strongly urge the senior management of McDonalds (SG) to STOP all these Hello Kitty toy promotions in future. Please don’t bring them in anymore. No more Hello Kitty!

It brings out the worst and ugliness of humanity in Singaporeans, many of whom are profit-driven. And no basic reasonable manners towards McDonalds outlet frontline staff when emotions run high.

If McDonalds (Singapore) senior management don’t know how to implement well-thought preventive measures, then I say —  they might as well don’t bring in these soft toys anymore. Please. No more Hello Kitties in future. 

Ever since that disastrous 2nd Hello Kitty promotion in year 2000, haven’t the Marketing Team of McDonalds Singapore learnt their lessons?!?!?! @@ *roll-eyes*

Go see the Facebook Page of McDonalds Singapore. Many netizens are lambasting at it for not taking enough measures to prevent black market re-sellers, and create fair buying.

Such madness. All thanks to this fast-food restaurant for bringing in a toy cat with no mouth. Since 1996.

See how some of us Singaporeans have become, for the sake of getting the toy? Sacrificing sleep, getting all agro with each other, getting the police involved, and antagonising the poor restaurant outlet managers. Why?

:/ *shakes head in dismay*


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