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As I grow older, I realise there is a need for me to take photos. From time to time.

Photos are a testimony of the life experiences which I’ve went through. The people whom I’ve met. The angle through my own eyes, on how I view certain matters.
Of course, like everyone else I prefer to capture those positive moments.

I was taught: always remember the good times, forget the bad awful ones.

Through these photos, they tell a story of how Alan Soh grew up, fighting to become the best person he can be.
Through these photos, I will be able to recall those thoughts or emotions which I had at that moment.

Photos help to immortalise those feelings.

There are some people or feelings which I JUST DO NOT WANT TO FORGET TOTALLY.
I thought, if I am to lose my memory or die one day, well at least these photo memories live on forever…….

If only there exists a time machine for me to travel back in time…to allow me to relive those moments again.


Author: alansoh79

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