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The gang rape case in India

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The incident happened on 16 December 2012, and had created a big uproar in India and countries worldwide.

After watching a film in South Delhi that fateful evening, the 23-year-old victim and her 28-year-old boyfriend had boarded a bus, which was being driven as an unauthorized “joyride”, thinking it was a public bus. The only other passengers on the bus were five men who were friends of the male driver. They assaulted the duo and gang-raped the girl. After the attack, she was taken to Safdarjang Hospital where she received multiple surgeries and was placed on mechanical ventilation.

After much discussions, the doctors sent her to Singapore via air ambulance for further advanced treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital on 26 December. Unfortunately, the lady died on 29 December.

Detailed information about the incident went viral on social media, and many netizens were horrified by what the perpetrators did.

In meantime, more cases of sexual violence on women in India continued to be reported.

Due to public pressure, the Indian Police moved swiftly to act on the case. The five men are formally sued in courts for rape and murder charges. It is said that the Indian Police will be asking for the death penalty for the five men, a move which is fully supported by the victim’s father who later told reporters:The whole country is demanding that these monsters be hanged. I am with them“.

In my personal opinion, men in India who still have that male chauvinist mindset of women are nothing but just objects for household labour and sexual gratification, are better off dead. Like men, women also deserve respect and dignity. Regardless of gender, we are all human beings on planet earth.

Justice must be upheld, hence I agree wholeheartedly that these five men ought to be hanged. No plea should be taken!


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