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Hearing Aids

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For anyone who has some form of hearing loss, hearing aids may be essential because these devices help him/her in terms of improving social mobility and re-integrate relationships with other people, while at the same time prevents further degeneration of the affected auditory nerve.

The pricing of hearing aids (per ear) do not come cheap these days. It may cost an individual anything from, say S$1,500/- to about S$8,400/-, depending on affordability level and what he/she wants.

The 4th hearing aid which I am currently wear, is produced by Siemens Medical Instruments. It cost me S$2,500/- when I co-paid for it with my mother 6 years ago.

Accordingly to my private hearing care consultant, the price which the consumer pays for is mainly for the cost of the assistive technology embedded in the small device. Only a small portion of the sum goes to, say the materials used for making hearing aid casings and ear moulds.

Our Singapore population is ageing, hence I foresee there will be a spike in hearing-related medical issues in the near future. Taking into consideration the fact there are fellow Singaporeans who could not pay cash upfront to purchase hearing aids (they may come from middle to low-income households), I agree with Straits Times Forum Page writer Ms Clare Tan –> Dear Ministry of Health, why can’t we Singaporeans use our own Medisave to buy hearing aids?

I believe such restrictions are outdated.


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