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Trust your guts

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One of the exhibits spotted at a Health Promotion Board (HPB) event held at a Community Club yesterday.

Sometimes, I feel we Singaporeans are too practical these days. Partly due to Asian mentality I guess, we dwell too much on the success rate of doing something, even before we start doing the plan. It could be due to fear of failure. Or we are concerned about people saying that we are CRAZY and NOT PRACTICAL, telling you to “STOP DAYDREAMING”.

It is normal but just trust your feelings, and take the guts to do it. Have faith in yourself. =)

It is okay if you fail after trying several times because at the very least you know you have tried doing it. You never know what you can or might get in the final outcome.

Remember: if you don’t ask, if you don’t try, you are NOT going to get anything.

You are young once only. Just do it. Putting aside the issue of whether the plan works out or not, very often you will definitely learn something about yourself and gain something out of it during the process of doing it.

I think most of us might have heard this saying numerous times – “The journey is more important than the final destination.” I believe we Singaporeans also need to learn “DREAM BIG”!


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