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Youth Mentorship

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4 years since providing mentorship to students doing community service projects on Young ChangeMakers Youth Panel, I’m at it again – I am among the 18 youth mentors on my alma mater — Yishun Town Secondary School’s mentoring programme starting 26 March 2012, helping 40 under-achieving juniors from Sec 1 to Sec 3 (Express or Normal). Likely to be a 1-year programme. Beginning from Term 2, 1st Semester.

I will be mentoring two Secondary 2 boys – one from Normal (Academic) and the other, Express.

It is a different challenge. Working along side with the teachers involved, I hope I am able to motivate or inspire the 1 or 2 students put under my charge, sharing my experiences so that they will do their best to overcome whatever challenges to achieve good grades in studies this year. 🙂


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