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Cochlear Implant Surgery (Pt 4)

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I gained greater insights as in why I actually stand a greater easier advantage with using the cochlear implant device on my right ear, as compared to young kid users. Talked to my private hearing care consultant yesterday when I went to his branch outlet at Bishan to replenish my supply of hearing aid batteries.

I am not born deaf totally. Visually, I am able to associate a certain sound to an action; for example: hands clapping. So thank heavens, I can see with my eyes. In addition, being older, I have had accumulated many “memories” of various sounds in my brain (particularly my left brain hemisphere) since birth, having the inborn ability to differentiate different sounds. Also thanks to years of normal schooling, I can speak, clearly expressing my thoughts/feelings in verbal language just like any able-hearing individual. 🙂

On the other hand, young kids especially the nearly deaf ones have no concepts of sound AT ALL. They are as pure as white paper. As such if these kids are retrofitted with hearing devices, alot of patience and efforts are required, in the aspect of coaching them to distinguish sounds, teaching them communication skills and do speech training as well.


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