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Deaf Singapore Flash Mob

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Calling all Singapore iphone users with Instagram app who are into active citizenry! Deaf Singapore is doing an awareness campaign in sign language this coming weekend.
Come this Sunday (12 February 2012) at 2pm, a group of deaf Singaporeans, passionate volunteers and advocates will be coming together to do flash mobs at Orchard, Raffles Place and Marina Bay. By being there with your iPhones up and aimed, you actually help to create hub and curiosity, which in a way attracts the public crowd. Come capture the moments and Instagram it!
At 2pm, they will meet at Marina Bay City Gallery and move from there. So mark this date in your planner, come with your iPhone, snap pictures via Instagram and post them up onto your various social media platforms. It is a Sunday. Great. I am likely to go. =)
(P.s Note: Although Android phone users do not have Instagram app in their app store, but personally I think they can still be part of this activity, for they can still capture and post up “live” pictures onto various new media platforms, helping to create a BIGGER awareness.)
LATEST! (10 Feb)
The organisers say “everyone is welcome at this flash-mob event. DSLR or Lomo photographers! The more the merrier. We want to make this event viral to spread message to a bigger crowd, to heighten public awareness. Not just for the deaf, everyone including the able-hearing needs to understand sign language.”
LATEST! (17 Feb)
Random photos which I’ve taken that day..

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