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Hello Twenty-12, bye bye Twenty-11!

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No matter what happens in the past year, honestly speaking, I am grateful for the experiences, be it good or bad. Afterall, they are part and parcel of growing up. For what I’ve done in the past year, I rate myself 7 out of 10.

Need to buck up more when new year comes. Due to fact that I’ve just recovered from surgery, I am at home for a quiet countdown. Will be providing further updates on my 2nd cochlear implant surgery in my next few blog entries.

For now, I am definitely looking ahead to fresh challenges in the coming year. I know at the end of the year, I shall emerge a much better person than what I am now.

I wish everyone happiness, success, good health and think positively always!

Happy New Year! 🙂

岁末来临之际,此时此刻,突然想起12年前 - 2000年6月27号服兵役2nd Singapore Infantry Regiment (2SIR), Bravo Coy Platoon 4的那班朋友。你们现在好吗?

那短短2个月经历成长的大大小小事情和遇见的人,12年后的今天,我难以忘记。I miss you guys!


Here’s a video snippet of the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012 at midnight, December 31st. The beautiful fireworks display against the backdrop of Marina Bay Sands, was choreographed to the theme ‘Celebration of Life’, a specially commissioned musical score composed by Singapore Cultural Medallion winner, aka musician and composer – Mr Iskander Ismail, with additional vocals by soprano Khor Ai Ming and the CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) School children’s choir.

It lasted 8 minutes.

Enjoy! 🙂

Hongkong Countdown 2012 Fireworks @ Victoria Harbour

Taiwan Countdown 2012 Fireworks @ Taipei 101 Building

London Countdown 2012 Fireworks @ London Eye ferris wheel, River Thames, Central London



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