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Cochlear Implant Surgery (Pt 3)

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As said previously, the cochlear implant device manufacturer is replacing the faulty internal part with a newer model, free-of-charge. I’m fighting to get TTSH to waive off the hefty surgical cost. This is because this upcoming 2nd-time surgery (slated on 21 Dec) is made essential due to the internal cochlear implant device fault. Not mine.

In other words, it means it is the device manufacturer’s liability, making me go through the whole process again.

Hence why should I be the one to pay for the surgical cost in this bill? 

Communicated this with the staff at Pre-Admission Counselling & Evaluation (PACE) Department at Tan Tock Seng Hospital this morning. Did the usual stuff – blood pressure, body weigh, ECG, blood test and doing a questionnaire.

Shall inform my medical social worker Mr Yeo Chee Wei again, who helped me secured the initial $50k support from hospital medifund for the previous operation on 20th April 2011.


Fixed an appointment with my audiologist, seeing him at the hospital on Tuesday morning (13th December 2011), to mainly discuss the above matter. Let’s see how it goes.


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