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More Transport Woes for Singaporeans?

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ComfortDelGro Private Limited, Singapore’s largest taxi operator, said it would revise its taxi fare structure from 6am, next Monday (12 December 2011) .

Flag-down fares will also go up by 20 cents across its ComfortDelGro’s fleet of 15,600 cabs, while distance fares will be increased by 2 cents. Advance booking fees will also be increased by $8 to encourage more drivers to accept such bookings. The S$3 city area surcharge, which is currently in effect between 5pm and midnight from Monday to Saturday, will be extended to included Sundays and Public Holidays as well.

Peak period surcharge, meanwhile, will be reduced from the current 35%  to 25% of the metered fare. It will, however, be extended to Sundays and Public Holidays.

Booking fees will also come down from the current S$3.50 during peak periods and S$2.50 at all other times, to S$3.30 during peak periods and S$2.30 at all other times.

The last taxi fare revision exercise was conducted in December 2007, and ComfortDelgro says it is revising its taxi fare structure “to better match supply with the ever-growing demand for taxi services in Singapore”. ComfortDelGro operates some 15,600 taxis of the 26,700 taxis on the roads here.

Well, I believe upon hearing this news, some Singaporeans would be turned off from taking taxis to taking other public transport modes such as bus or MRT train, thus likely resulting in less business for their taxi-drivers who are earning a livelihood, of which it may also translate into a negative public image, in the sense that even less Singaporeans would want to become taxi-drivers (because people may now perceive that all ComfortDelgro cabbies are bloodsuckers for money), and the problem exists?

Will ComfortDelgro Pte Ltd’s latest action create a consequence such that other taxi companies would follow suit to also raise their taxi fares? Is ComfortDelgro taking advantage of the needy unfit or immobile elderly Singaporeans today who may have no choice but to take taxis to hospitals/medical institutions? Lastly and most importantly, do the earning profits go into the pockets of taxi-drivers or the cashier tills of ComfortDelgro?

SMRT, you now better buck up. Please don’t add more public transport issues to us Singaporeans by creating more train problems. @_@”


It is “regrettable news” that we now hear that SMRT Taxis, the 3rd largest taxi operator company with 3,000 taxis plying on Singapore roads, is following suit, decides to revise its taxi fares as well.

This was announced on Monday 12 December 2011.

Another copycat – SMRT is raising its flag-down rates by 20 cents and 70 cents, and distance-based charges for its basic cabs by 2 cents per kilometre. Like ComfortDelGro, they also extends the peak hour surcharge to Sundays and public holidays, its operating hours on weekdays and reduced the premium from 35 to 25% of their metered fare. Also reduces its call-booking fees for basic taxis and scraps its public holiday surcharge.

“Our drivers need a more substantial level of income, not just lower costs or rental rates, in order to cope with the increasing cost of living and higher diesel prices, and continue their businesses. SMRT Taxis has to keep pace with the fare revision by other taxi operators, so that our 4,000-plus drivers will not feel deprived of a better income opportunity, and also to maintain our fleet growth.”  

— A media statement issued by SMRT

Crap. I personally feel that this may create persistence in attitude among some of the taxi-drivers we see today. These taxi drivers become picky in choosing customers in the sense that they ignore some potential ones on the roadsides (even if the taxi is available for hire), choose to flock to areas where they can pick up “rich customers who can fatten their take-home pay”.

Although it is nothing wrong for the hungry appetite for more earnings (yes…living costs in Singapore are going up), but shouldn’t Singapore cabbies treat all customers EQUAL? Customers may flag down a taxi for travelling a short distance of below 5 or 10 kilometres, but wait a minute, isn’t that decent earnings too?!?!

Ugly cabbies. Ugly taxi companies. (-_-“)

Nevertheless in my own opinion, Singapore taxi companies should always bear in mind that they are to provide affordable and accessible public transport service to all Singaporeans, be them able-bodied, disabled or the needy sick who are immobile. 

There are other MORE important things than being held accountable for profits to their stakeholders who may be too obsessed with money.

Do check out this commentary article posted on Todayonline –,-but-no-better-service?


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One thought on “More Transport Woes for Singaporeans?

  1. Oh yes, this is a blog article which I’ve came across on Facebook.
    Quite a good article on the latest taxi fare hike by ComfortDelgro.

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