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Cochlear Implant Surgery (Pt 2)

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I was at ENT Clinic @ Tan Tock Seng Hospital yesterday, seeing my audiologist.

I saw him twice late last week, due to a fault in my cochlear implant device. “Implant disconnected from coil. Reconnect to resolve”.

Melissa, from the manufacturer company came down to see me, with her equipment to do troubleshooting.

The remote assistant is working. The battery is okay. All components of the processor device is working

Guess what?

I was told yesterday that the internal implant electrode part of the cochlear implant device (inside head) is faulty. It shall be replaced with a brand-new implant model via general surgery again. The replacement is free of charge. As for the surgical cost, it should likely be able to be, again, covered by the $50k medifund support which I’ve gotten.

What a bumpy road to regain hearing. I have to endure another 15 days of hellish pain in my head.

According to my audiologist and ENT specialist doctor, such occurrences are not common but it do happens.

I said it is hellish pain. Why? It is especially so for the first 3/4 days after the surgery. Once the full anesthesic effect wears off, you will know how unbearable the PAIN is in the head (especially the operated side). That is when you will start crying for strength and endurance. Yes, I do get painkiller pills. Mild ones and strong ones.

If I ever have a son or daugher who have to go through what I am going through now, enduring such pain, crying for Papa to relieve his/her pain. Awwww…it will be so heart-breaking. I can now fully feel how parents of cochlear implant kids feel.

I need strength. I am stepping into fire again.

Operation date – Wednesday 21 December. 10.45am.

Is this another test of endurance by Heaven??? 


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