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GE Cooling Day

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One more day and we Singaporeans would be standing at the threshold of history.

No campaigning and election advertising are allowed both today and tomorrow, the Singapore Elections Department reminded political parties in a statement issued. Campaigning is not allowed and election advertising must not be published or displayed so that the Singapore electorate can reflect rationally on various issues raised before going to the polls tomorrow.

The following is not allowed on both days:

– Publication and display of election advertising (including the Internet, SMSes/MMSes) not already lawfully displayed or published before the start of Cooling-off Day

– Canvassing, visiting homes and workplaces of voters in connection with the election

– Wearing, carrying or displaying any political insignia or propaganda (such as badge, symbol, rosette, favour, set of colours, flag, advertisement, handbill, placard, poster or replica of voting paper)

– Holding of election meetings

However, the following may still be allowed:

– Party political broadcasts on television

– News relating to elections published in newspapers or broadcast on radio or television

– Approved posters/banners lawfully displayed before the start of Cooling-off Day

– Other Election advertising (including Internet election advertising) lawfully displayed or published before the start of Cooling-off Day

– Distribution or promotion of sale of any book if the publication of the book was scheduled for publication independent of the elections and the book is not sold at less than its commercial value

– The transmission by any individual of his personal political views to another individual, on a non-commercial basis, using the telephone, Internet or other electronic means

– Wearing of party badges or symbols by candidates

GE Candidates and supporters are also not allowed to visit their constituents or attend public events within their constituencies on both days.

I have been tuning in to online conversations, be it Twitter or Facebook on a daily basis, for the past few weeks. Lots of resentment and frustrations from the people at the current government. Yet I am heartened to see many Singaporeans voicing out their concerns boldly and openly.

A big political battle, as mentioned in my previous post. Will we see a big wave of CHANGE in Singapore tomorrow?

I don’t know. *Keeping my fingers crossed.*

Noticed when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong started saying sorry, others started to follow doing the same? As quoted by a friend, too bad, these MPs or ministers are unable to do the Super Junior “Sorry sorry” dance. Hahaha. 😀

Singaporeans, do you still have reservations or doubts about voting secrecy when you go to the 16th Parliamentary polls tomorrow? Please be reassured that your vote is SECRET. Kindly spend a few minutes to watch this video clip.

We Singaporeans love Singapore, right? We yearn for a better Singapore for the next 5 years. Singapore is NOT just about its ruling party. Much bigger than that, I say. It encompasses alot many elements. The love for our country should surpass our whatever political affiliations, should bind us altogether as a nation.

Fellow Singaporeans, think rational, know clearly who you want to represent your voice in Parliament, for the next 5 years.

Yes, I will vote wisely tomorrow.

Good luck, Singapore.


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