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When I represented Singapore in an overseas youth exchange programme in 2007 in Seoul (Korea), and when this NDP 1998 song was played there, oh my god, it really tugged my heartstrings, for it has reminded me of my national identity. For a moment, I was homesick. I started to think about Singapore, which is thousands of miles away.

Personally, this is the song which reminds me the significance behind holding that pink identity card and the red Singapore passport. It makes home-coming so pleasurable whenever I come back from overseas, stepping onto home soil at Changi Airport. Especially when I am queuing for clearance at the immigration halls, at lanes dedicated for Singapore citizens with electronic signages that say “Welcome HOME”. Ahhhhhh.

The iconic song has been specially re-arranged for this year’s Total Defence campaign, sung by 39 homegrown voices including Kit Chan and backed by Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Kit Chan, of whom is the original singer, is the executive producer aka Creative Director for this project. Nice song with a new spin.

Singapore is my home. I am a Singaporean, wherever I may be. =)



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