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NEW Beginnings 2

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祝贺各位先生、小姐、女士们:兔年"兔"飞猛进!财源滚滚!心想事成!来啊,我们大家一起发啊!Huat ah!!~




'长命雨'并没有阻止我上戏院观看由本地导演唐永健(Kelvin Tong)执导、新传媒星霖电影公司投资的贺岁片《大世界》。我在影片当中看到了自己了。我出现了2次!哈哈哈!这是一部笑中有泪的片子。新传媒艺人大讲方言,由4个小故事串成的影片,现已上映!小弟我比较喜欢最后一个故事 - 好笑又感人。I rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars!!!!!


Visually stunning Lunar New Year 2011 fireworks at Victoria Harbour (Hongkong)! You got to see this — 20++ minutes of non stop action! I think the fireworks seems so much better than Singapore’s!  Agree? =P

The below 15-minute flim clip titled “Reunion Dinner 回家过年” is directed by a Singaporean director, Anthony Chan, 26yo, a graduate of National Film & Television School (UK). The film focus is on Chinese New Year reunion dinner in a Singaporean chinese family over 3 decades from 1960s, weaved in scenes from Singapore’s past. It also touches on the theme of fillial piety. Dialects are spoken in the film.

The actors featured in this 15-min film are ex-MediaCorp artistes – Lin Li Yun, Duan Weiming and Wang Guan Wu. It is shown at the River Hongbao 2011, with live music accompanied by Singapore Chinese Music Orchestra.

River Hongbao 2011 (春到河畔迎新年) runs from 1st Feb – 13 Feb, at the Floating Stage, Marina Bay. Admission is free. The featured chinese city is Nanjing, China.


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