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New beginnings

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It’s a brand new year, so everything has to be fresh and new.

Since last September, my neighbourhood district has been undergoing essential home upgrading works which are implemented by the Housing Development Board (HDB). The upgrading project is expected to be completed by the 3rd quarter of this year.

I understand that the new lift which stops at every floor at my block, is currently undergoing some testing period. I hope that it will be ready to be functionable in one week’s time. Because it is Chinese New Year!!!!!

Talking about creating convenience for people making CNY visits eh? 😉

Latest (29 Jan 2011): The lift is operational from Thursday 28 Jan. That’s great!

Recently, I went visiting Chinatown after collecting some pay cheques, trying to immense myself in some festive mood. I went there during afternoon. Although it was day time, you could feel some CNY mood lingering in the air, especially hearing some Chinese New Year songs.

Foreign tourists are seen capturing snapshots of our chinese heritage area, as local tour guides explained why many Singaporeans love to flock to Chinatown to do Chinese New Year shopping.

On the other hand, it was also a coincidence that I saw groups of primary school children clad in different school uniforms, visiting Chinatown with their teachers and assigned tour guides. They seems to be on some social studies excursion trips.

The festive atmosphere at Chinatown is definitely more intense at night, so I plan to go there during evening time. 🙂

Vehicles are still permitted to throng through certain roads where there are Chinese New Year goodie stalls till 6pm daily.

Temple Street, Sago Street, and Smith Street will be closed from 2 January to 25 January, as CNY goodie stall bazaar is set up there.  This closure will take place from 6pm to 11pm from Mondays to Fridays, and from 6pm to midnight on weekends and on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Therefore if you plan to go there during day time, please remember to keep an alert look-out for any incoming cars, trucks or motorbikes for your own safety.

The Buddha Relic Temple. I always make it a habit to go there pay respects to Buddha wherever I “pass by” Chinatown, even though I am a taoist. What do I do there? Saying prayers for myself, family, friends, people around me.


I don’t know how would my love luck fare this year. Been single all these years. Well, I may take the proactive step to know more female friends but I would still adopt the attitude of “letting nature take its own course”.



I went there last week. See? A long queue! As seen in previous years, Singaporeans will start to queue to buy Bak Kwa (barbercued pork) at such shops as early as 3 weeks before Chinese New Year.

One more week before Chinese New Year. I shall start cleaning up my room and do some CNY shopping soon!

Latest (29 Jan 2011): Bought 2 CNY tees from Giordano @ OG Departmental Store (Chinatown MRT Station) the night before.

I love the designs and the colours used. Very oriental flavour.

This is enough for me. I can match with my other outfits in my wardrobe such as my jeans, and white sneakers. 😉

新年到了!今年来一个不一样的!两首歌的结合 — 分别是经典的新年歌”春风吻上我的脸” 和 方大同的 “春风吹”,用了无伴奏合唱(A Cappella)的方式加上R&B的曲风诠释这首歌。



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