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Cultural Values and Traditions

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Singapore has been successful in terms of economic progress, but it is somewhat lacking when it comes to cultural values and traditions. Do you agree?

If you were to pose this question to my friend Edmond Wong, he certainly agrees.

“In Singapore, we have had pretty much lost our way of life where traditions and cultures play a significant role in our society. I believe the origin of all these problems lie in the inability of our environment to nurture values. These days you see alot of advertisements on fillial piety. That is even more sadder. Why do we need to place an advert on these matters? Sigh, this is not the way to nurture values.”

Being a Peranakan, Edmond has started writing a blog –

What triggers Edmond to write this blog?

“Well actually, the main purpose is to introduce a new concept of democracy which accepts cultural values and traditions. Of course, the other partial purpose is for me to promote the Peranakan culture. The ultimate goal is to start an Asian style democracy – a way of life for us Singaporeans and Asians as a whole. I feel that the West should allow political stability to be developed through mutual understandings of cultural practices, and not to enforce it upon others (Asian countries) to practice their way of governance because it destorys cultures as much as what we notice it here today in Singapore. That is something very sad, ” Said Edmond.

Do check out the blog. He will update the blog as and when he is able to do so.

If you are also interested to know more about the Peranakan culture, you might also wish to check out the Peranakan Association (Singapore) website -> 🙂


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