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Resorts World @ Sentosa

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I will be attending an awards ceremony at RWS tomorrow evening. 

It’s my first time visit to the one of two integrated resorts (IRs) in Singapore. Quite excited. Haha.

It opened during Chinese New Year,  much earlier than Marina Bay Sands.

Perhaps you might ask, will I take the opportunity to visit the casino @ RWS? Nope, I won’t. I do not gamble.

However it is certainly a worrying sign that we see flocks of elderly Singaporeans, educated or non-educated, heading down to either Marina Bay Sands or Resorts World @ Sentosa to gamble, mostly using their hard-earned money or savings.

Counsellors are stationed at the IRs, having the objective of  “offering constructive advice or help to any punters who may be in distress”.  Is it a good tactic to deter hardcore gambling?

I seriously doubt the effectiveness of planting counsellors in IRs because it is evident that the $100 levy admission fee is not a money issue to these hardcore gamblers. In addition, such gamblers are obstinate in the sense that they will not admit having such a problem until things really get out of hand, landing themselves in deep trouble. Sigh.


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