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Criticism can be something good or bad, depending on how we see it. However I am sure when the word ‘criticism’ is mentioned, we very often associate it with words such as “negative feedback”.

To think positively, we can draw strength from critique actually, as no matter what it is a feedback given to us to make ourselves even better. So long it is constructive criticism. Yes, all the more we ought to listen and do some self-reflections.

But ..wait! What if the criticism given is something which is not true at all? This is where our own judgement comes in.

Should I believe what he says?

This week, a couple friends said something which I find it so true that I just have to jot it down to remind myself. And you, of course.

On Facebook, KS said:

When one tries to destroy or buy others over just to make sure that you fail, all the more you yourself can be sure that your vision is on the right track! Why? Because he/she bothers to focus all his/her time and energy on you, which means what you are doing does affect him/her deeply. As people, we should be happy about celebrating each other’s success. Those who try to destroy others are ultimately destroying themselves. Sad case of insecurity.

Another friend of mine, JH also shared something with me on Tuesday evening when we met dinner with another mutual friend of ours, CG at Somerset @ 313. She said she saw this scripted line on a TV drama about corporate high-fliers.

“Successful people are always prone to criticism.”

It means when some people see you being successful, no matter what you say, they will just shoot down whatever you bring up..just to bring you down.

I also find that very true. To me, it is not just behaviour that scream insecurity. I guess, it also means jealousy.


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