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The Illusionist

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Today is Yuanxiao Festival aka the final day of the Chinese New Year celebrations. The chinese celebrate CNY over a period of fifteen days. It is also known as the eastern Valentine’s Day as well.

Time to pack up holiday mood, and get back down to earth people!

Quite excited about the debut episode of “The Illusionist” starring Thomas Ong, which starts showing at 10pm on Channel U tomorrow night.

Thomas plays the main male role of a famous illusionist named James Lee.

The previous drama series of “The Perfect Cut” was very nice! Can’t wait to watch “The Illusionist”! Hee. 😀


The drama serial has just finished its run on Channel U on Wednesday 17  March 2010. Quite a nice show.

There was a catchphrase — "人间有奇迹!"(Miracles do exist!)


非常喜欢剧中James Lee的一句很有意思的话,那就是:



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