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Last blog entry for 2009

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Like most of you people out there, 2009 has been also quite a difficult year for me due to the economic downturn. On a positive note, I still achieve certain things such as the recent Standard Chartered Marathon run.

Anything is possible to achieve, if I have more faith in myself. Have more self-confidence. So what if I am hearing-challenged?

Be more proactive.  And also perhaps, be more daring to try out new things?

I always feel emo whenever year-end period comes. Beats me. I guess it could be due to as I do my own self-reflections, I can’t help thinking that  “I-am-getting-one-year-older”, hence start to have mixed feelings, more of being nostalgic about the past?

To be honest, I really miss those days when I was much younger. The 1980s and 1990s.

And yeah, people around me are all getting married one by one!

Never mind, fret not, let nature take its own course. Ehhh….perhaps things would turn out better —  who knows, I might get myself a girlfriend next year? Heee.

Only heaven knows.  

Time is just like sand. There is no way you can prevent the tiny sand particles from slipping through between the gaps of your fingers, no matter how hard you try to grab hold of it. 

Let’s treasure the present. This very moment.  Because when you focus on the present, you are then able to change the future. 🙂

These are some patches of memories of what I roughly went through 2009. The people whom I’ve met and known. New and old people. Many.

Whatever it is, thank you all for enriching my 2009! 🙂

Let us all look forward to a much better year in 201o!! Cheers! (^_^)


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