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Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2009

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The day has come finally.

Last Sunday morning, I did my first 10 kilometres run with Ken Ng Siyu, a secondary school mate of mine.  I took 1 hour 22 minutes 33 seconds to complete the entire route. 😀

It was a good experience jogging with many people, be it foreigners or fellow Singaporeans, young or old. Fellow runners with words of encouragement penned on their encouragement bibs spurred me to carry on running.

It was just a little bit “disorganized” when I saw all category lanes almost “merging together” near the finishing point at Padang. Quite a number of runners were seen walking to the finishing line. (Too tired due to running or what?)

Will I go for half marathon run – 21km at Standard Chartered Marathon 2010?  Likely.

It is a personal achievement, I would say. I told myself I should not compete with others but myself. This is to avoid creating unnecessary stress on myself.

Thanks to those practice jog sessions I had with my another friend Jimmy Lim for the past few weeks.

With the vision in our minds, let “courage”, “hope”, “diligence” and “perseverance”” accompany us in our journey to success in life…in whatever we all hope to achieve. You will see it.

The same thing goes to how Bryan managed to do a painting simply by using his mouth to raise funds during the 2-hour SPD Charity Show televised live on Channel U last Sunday night.

Bryan made use of the 2-hour showtime to use his mouth to pick up painting brushes to paint the picture. His painting has received a successful bid of S$28, 888.

He did it too.




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