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APEC Appreciation

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I have to keep next Friday free. Will be attending the above event.

Hmm..another opportunity to do more networking! Hehe. 😉





[LATEST! – 12 December 2009]

I was at the APEC Singapore 2009 Appreciation Reception held at Singapore Expo Hall 3 last night.  Over 1,000 APEC Ambassadors attended the event.


When making an address speech to invited guests and volunteers, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Singapore delivered a “memorable Singapore Experience”.

From February till last month, Singapore played host to 123 APEC-related meetings – big and small – attended by some 14,000 delegates and media personnel from all parts of the world.

PM Lee said all of them were a success because of the volunteers and officials who kept the Singapore flag flying. Many of them performed beyond the call of duty.

APEC organising officials also spent thousands of hours in planning and practising for the events to ensure that everything is executed accordingly to plans.

PM Lee also noted that overseas guests appreciated Singapore’s efficient and smooth operations.

It could be another 20 years before Singapore gets to host the next APEC Summit again, and to have memories of the items prepared for the future Singapore summit, the organising committee has decided to bury them in a time capsule.

PM Lee was asked to seal the time capsule.

Among them are DVDs for guests, the minister’s bag and collar pins used by delegates. The time capsule will be kept at the APEC Singapore Secretariat. It shall be opened when Singapore next hosts the APEC Summit.

It was nice meeting some of the fellow ambassadors whom I knew at my shift duties at Changi Airport. Some of us exchanged contacts. 🙂


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